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Exceptional Dental Care in San Antonio, TX

C. Roger Macias DDS & Alexis Pelekanos DDS offer quality dental care for patients in San Antonio, TX. Our dentists utilize the latest technology, equipment, and dental practices to prevent, treat, and repair common oral hygiene issues. We perform essential and cosmetic dental procedures to help our patients smile confidently and achieve better oral health. Because our dentists understand that your oral health ties directly into your overall well-being, we encourage all our patients to schedule routine appointments to maintain and monitor the health of their teeth and gums. We’ll address your dental care concerns and provide you with the affordable, high-quality treatment you need to achieve optimal oral health.

Essential and Transformative Dental Procedures

Our clinic focuses on improving function and appearance with comprehensive dental treatment for individuals and families. Our dentists can prevent decay, treat disease, repair crowns, cover cracks, and adjust your bite. No matter your dental needs, we’ll provide the essential care you and your family require. Our customized treatment plans include both preventative and transformative care. We’ll provide you with the best possible care, whether you’re here for routine checkups or precise dental procedures like implants or root canals. We offer various treatments and dental procedures, including:

Quality Services From a Friendly, Compassionate Staff

We prioritize patient comfort and convenience. When you walk into our office, our friendly staff will help you feel comfortable and provide the dental care you need. Our dentists work with you to establish a treatment plan based on your needs, goals, and oral health. We restore your oral health and help you reach your goals on your oral health journey. Through routine checkups, preventative care, and other essential dental procedures, We’ll establish a comprehensive treatment plan to address common oral health issues and help you achieve your goals for your smile. We do everything we can to help every patient receive the quality dental treatments they need to smile confidently again. We treat patients of all ages with compassionate services, improving the function and appearance of each beautiful smile.

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