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Patient Reviews

This dental office is absolutely phenomenal. I have had my front teeth bonded 3-4 times by 3-4 different dentists and they all bust off after a month or so. Dr Macias confidentially fixed my teeth and I have never been happier. I truly cannot believe how beautiful my teeth are. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Macias and everyone in your office. Can’t wait to come back for cleanings and check ups. You guys are truly amazing.

Zach Bland

My family has been going here for years, and Dr. Macias and his staff are the only ones I trust with my teeth. On top of high quality dental care, everyone here works to make a friendly, familiar environment, from getting you at the door to taking to you casually about your life to making sure you have the same hygienist whenever possible so there's always a familiar face helping you! In what seem like no time at all, this office will become a friendly and welcoming place, even for more unpleasant dental work.
Dr. Macias and his staff have earned their good reputation!

Elizabeth Stockton

My family and I really like this place. We have been patients here for a good number of years, and all the staff have treated us very well! They take the time to greet us, conversate with us, catch up on how we are doing and the things going on in our lives. They are like extended family Lol! They work very professionally, ensure great customer satisfaction, and practice great cleanliness. We will definitely be patients here for a very long time.

Evelyn Rose

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Macias dental office for over 20 years and his staff is the best and we consider Dr. Macias and his staff family. The staff are professional and most of all very patient when it comes to working on my teeth.


What a wonderful experience I had in Dr. Macias office. He is kind, considerate, amusing and a real gentleman. His staff reflects his style as well. He could easily have gone a much more expensive route with my condition but did the most efficient and effective treatment he could.

Anne Forbes

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